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Volume2,July 2017,

Topic : Treating problem behaviors associated with the Aids Dementia in an Adolescent : A Case Study

Authors:Guru Prasanna Lakshmi .P ||

Abstract:The major neurological complications associated with HIV infection include cognitive, behavioral, and motor disturbances, which may range in severity from subtle, mild cognitive deficits to the clinical syndrome referred to as HIVassociated dementia or AIDS dementia complex (ADC).(Rebecca .A. Meehan, PhD et;al, 2001). In this paper, I would like to highlight how the problem behaviors interrupt with the compliance and make socially isolated followed by delay in treatment, thus made difficult to prevent further progression of disease. The aim of the present study is to examine the application of integrative approach to enhance the quality of life in patients with Aids Dementia. A single case pre -and post-design intervention study was adopted. Adolescent suffering from Aids Dementia with presenting problem behaviors was given 8 sessions of comprising Cognitive Retraining, Behavior modification, few techniques from Cognitive th erapy(Mistakes in thinking – learning to recognize them). The sessions were conducted once in alternate day for a period of 45 minutes - 1 hour. Child was assessed on CBCL in Pre - Post condition. The resulted psychological profile of the patient was qualitatively analyzed. The pre- assessment showed score of 55 which appeared to be severe level of problem behaviors .The post intervention assessment results indicated the improved quality of life with reduced problem behaviors in turn distress in personal and social life. The results of this study are encouraging and suggest that the therapeutic intervention, would be helpful in improving the patient compliance to the treatment and in turn prevention of disease progressiveness.

Keywords: AIDS Dementia, Behavioral problems, Compliance, quality of life.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss7/pid65193

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