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Volume2,July 2017,

Topic : Masterpieces of Literature: A Mirror on Darkness

Authors:Muzifar Yousuf ||

Abstract:Darkness of any society has been mirrored through literature from times immemorial; across the world by different insightful writers. However, in this particular research paper the whole literature cannot be assessed but evaluates some works of literature to justify the credence of the title. The literary works which are analyzed here have milieus in different countries, particularly India, England and America written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Joseph Conrad, Mulk Raj Anand, Arundhati Roy and Aravind Adiga. In this context; it is evaluated that caste system of Indian society is found to have its inherent weakness which rendered it unjust and exploitative over a period of time, giving rise to social injustices, disabilities and inequalities among a vast majority of the people. It gave birth to the division of society while promoting disunity and caste prejudices. The caste system was based on birth rather than individual talent and vocational choice. So, this created many disabilities for the talented individuals belonging to the lower castes. Therefore, the age-old evil of casteism has cast its grey shadow on the future of lower caste. It has been aggravated by narrow scope of its economic growth. This socio-economic destitute almost closes to it; the door of any political hope except using right to vote. Even the modern pollution has rendered the Indian society very ugly so for its depiction through literature is concerned. Infact, with the passage of time, its condition has worsened. All policies of reform have fallen far short of their goal. The urban population is enjoying the benefits of modern world after a fashion. But the rural life is lost in darkness. Besides, the Indian works of literature, in case of the European ones it is found that there the depiction has basis on distorted version of morality, inhuman relationships, social waywardness, moral erosion and so on..

Keywords: Darkness, immemorial, prejudices, destitute, analytical, divinity, imperialism, hypocrisy, mechanization, pessimistic, Servitude

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss7/pid93176

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