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Volume2,August 2017,

Topic : A study on the Morphological Variation in Mandibles of Four Wasp Species

Authors:Kiran Vati K || K. Bhasker Shenoy

Abstract:Adult wasp have chewing and lapping type of mouthparts. The mandibles are structurally different in different species of wasps, suggesting that the variation in mandible is due to specific activities that it does in its life time. The function of mandibles are retained primarily for biting, chewing and also for handling other material like mud or mastication of plant fibers during nesting. Variation in mandibles of four wasp species is presented in this paper. The structure of the mandibles is elongate with presence /absence of teeth in solitary wasps like Delta pyriforme pyriforme (Fabricius, 1775) and Sceliphron caementarium (Drury 1773). These wasps use the mandibles to excavate wet mud from the ground and carrying it. Mandibles are also used for capturing prey like caterpillars or spiders which are carried to its nesting sites. In case of social wasps like Vespa tropica (Linnaeus, 1758) and Ropalidia marginata (Lepeletier, 1836) the mandible is short with large teeth’s. These wasps use mandibles to masticate the wood or plant fibers to convert it into a soft pulp which is utilized in the construction of papery nests. Mandibles are also used in mastication of prey, which is given as feed for the developing wasp larva.

Keywords: adaptation, morphology, nesting, variation

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid49821

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