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Volume2,August 2017,

Topic : Laboratory Experimentation of Foundry Waste for Potential Utilization In Pavements

Authors:Anal Sheth || BhargavTewar, Anand Mistry

Abstract:Foundry sand is a waste material of the metal industry but can be suitably used as a construction material for civil engineering applications. Foundry industries in India are inclined to dispose of this waste in a sustainable and environment friendly manner. This paper presents a study wherein the feasibility of utilizing four types of foundry wastes as construction materials for pavement subsurface courses, was evaluated through laboratory experimentation. The laboratory study was first carried out for testing the properties of the four types of wastes. These waste properties were then compared with the traditional fill material and against the existing recommendations laid by the Indian standards. Few shortfalls were identified for the case of total replacement of the traditional material with foundry wastes; therefore blends of the fill material with foundry wastes were prepared and the researchers tried to evaluate the case of partial replacement with foundry wastes. This resulted in desirable and improved properties and therefore a blend ratio was recommended based on the laboratory results. The study indicates that a foundry waste, which is no longer recyclable in the industry, can be utilized for construction of pavements, and thus sustainably disposed..

Keywords: Foundry waste, pavement, sustainable disposal, CBR

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid69785

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