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Volume2,June 2017,

Topic : Magnetization Studies of Aqueous Plasma Synthesized FeCu Micro-particles

Authors:Naidu Seetala || Deidre Henderson, Alexander Ulrich,Chester Wilson

Abstract:Aqueous plasma techniques were used to synthesize FeCu micro-particles for the use as precursor particles for 3D printing to make miniature transformers. The magnetic properties of FeCu with five different compositions (1:0, 4:1, 1:1, 1:4 , and 0:1) were studied using VSM. Both magnetization and coercivity increased with Fe content as expected. The particle size and elemental composition were studies using SEM and EDX analysis, which were used to estimate magnetization values. The average particle size is around 0.5 μm obtained from SEM and composition from EDX of 100% Cu sample showed almost all Cu was oxidized and the EDX of 100% Fe showed some Fe was oxidized during aqueous plasma process. For all other compositions, the amount of oxygen found in EDX analysis was first accounted for oxidation of Cu. The balance was then used to oxidize part of Fe into the most stable compound, Fe2O3, and the rest of Fe was considered to be in pure metal form. Using the composition of Fe and Fe2O3 and their bulk saturation magnetization values, the expected magnetization were estimated for all compositions. The estimated magnetization values are much higher than the experimental values for all compositions. In accounting for the difference, 10% can be accounted for the particle size as surveyed from the literature, however the experimental results showed a difference of more than 10%. This could be as a result of the superparamagnetic nature at sub-micron/nano-size particles and the coercivity dependence on percent Cu suggests an exchange coupling between Fe and Fe2O3 magnetic phases within particles..

Keywords: Aqueous plasma synthesis, Magnetization, FeCu micro-particles

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss6/pid53986

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