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Volume2,December 2017,

Topic : MN and Co, Metal-organic frameworks for hydrogen gas(energy) storage and heavy metal ion sensor application for clean environment

Authors:Krishnamurthy G || Omkaramurthy B M, Sangeetha S

Abstract:Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are the fascinating porous materials, which are constructed by the linkage of metal ions and organic ligands. The MOFs have interesting visual structures and topological features with wide potential applications in heterogeneous catalysis, energy (H2 gas) storage, ion sensor, bimolecular sensor, etc. We, in this work, have presented on the MOF materials for clean energy (H2 fuel storage) material and Cd2+ ion sensing application. The Mn-MOF,[C15H7Mn1 .5N2O6] and Co- MOF [(Co(H2O)5NO2).18C12H24O6] is synthesized by a solvothermal route. The prepared products were characterized by Single crystal X-ray diffraction (SXRD), Powder Xray diffraction(PXRD), FTIR spectroscopy and Field emission Scanning electron microscopy(FE-SEM). The high energy storage (super capacitance) of the synthesized Mn-MOFs was evaluated using cyclic voltammetry (CV) and galvanostatic charge/ discharge measurements. The Co- MOF electrode has shown the electrochemical sensing property towards Cd2+ ion in an aqueous medium. Mn-MOFs lead to an inherent increase in conductivity and specific capacitance from 133 Fg-1 to 808 Fg-1 . These values demonstrate the better show of all the Mn-MOFs material for energy (H2 gas) storage application and Co-MOFs for toxic (heavy) metal sensor applications..

Keywords: Mn-MOFs, Co-MOFs, Solvothermal synthesis, Energy storage, Cadmium ion sensor.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss12/pid07341

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