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Volume3,February 2018,

Topic : Navigating with Project Metrics using Digitally Integrated Framework

Authors:Keerthi Vasan S || Venkatraman Gomatham, Janardhanan R

Abstract:Key challenges faced in account management includes multiple tracking systems, repeated entry, not updated, inaccuracy, a secondary effort for consolidation, dependency on system/person, ineffectiveness etc., Objective: A digital framework integrating all business functions E2E, tracking project life cycle linking with dynamic metrics, a control mechanism, agility to easily customize & adapt the framework for short sprints in less effort Digital Solution: Implemented digital workflow using SharePoint (Input screen) & analytical dashboard using spreadsheets. Summary of solution implemented represented below as :: 1. Planning & Scheduling: a) Burndown chart - Establish velocity b) Work Time Analyzer - Monitors time distribution c) Visibility - Transparency & collaboration 2. Execution & Analytics: a) Connected workflow – Operational Dashboards/ATM [Variance, Ontime, Quality, Utilization, forecast, billing] b) Real-time evaluation - Statistical approach, Performance scorecard c) Real-time financials – Business Dashboard [P&L] 3. Monitoring & Control: a) Trend analysis – Quality effectiveness & Dynamic training calendar b) Control toolkit – Visual-aids/compliance 4. Stakeholder a) Centralized repository – Knowledge management, Virtual PM’s b) Agility – Flexible & Customization Business Impact: Reduced NVA (~30% of leads effort), High accuracy & real-time data, statistically informed decision making, transparent culture, improved motivation. Easily customizable for rapidly changing requirements and successfully implemented across accounts..

Keywords: Agile, Burndown chart, Work time analyzer, Any Time Metric (ATM), End to End (E2E) connected digital work flow, customizable, Centralized repository, Collaboration, Non-value added (NVA), Project Management Framework, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Error Categorization, Trend analysis, Statistical approach, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Transparency, SharePoint (SPP), Automation.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss2/pid71504

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