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Volume3,February 2018,

Topic : Functional Instructions with Braille pictograms using Morphological Analysis for Sightless Children’s Picture Books

Authors:Siddhesh Sushil Shirsekar || Santosh Kshirsagar

Abstract:This paper discusses the use of typography and existing braille script both to tell a story. The research project is based on the teaching multisensory learning through the use of technology existing in the market and considered as and supplementary educational relief in the form of braille storybook. The play is a necessary element in children life, which is initiated by inbuilt inquisitiveness. Learning will be painless when it’s executed through play. The cognitive development is very effective in natural learning. This varied cognitive development follows the cyclic pattern which is defined through Learn, Explore, Experiment and Contribute (LEEC). [7,2] Nature uses an unstructured methodology to address curiosity and initiates play. At the end of the play, children learn about themselves and others. Nature addresses this cyclic pattern through its Natural Resources. However, the recent concern from the researchers pinpoints the lack of interaction between children and Natural Resources. [3] Through the structured methodology these Natural Resources can be replicated in the form of a picture book to bridge the gap. In this paper, Morphological Analysis (MA) is used to map the available Natural Resources in the form of dimensions and its options. While traditional books are created with linear storytelling can allow us to explore the page spatially, leading to new connections between reader and the book..

Keywords: Braille, Morphological Analysis, Natural learn and play, Ongoing exploration design.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss2/pid29065

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