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Volume3,March 2018,

Topic : A Study to Assess the Family and Social Life among Nurses Working Night Shift Duty at Nizwa Hospital

Authors:Sheikha Mohammed Al-Mukhaini || Vijayalakshmi

Abstract:Background: Nurses as healthcare providers are obliged to work rotation shift to provide the needs of sick people. Nurses working night duty spend all night awake which has a bad effect on them by increasing the load and led to the difficulty to meet their family life and social life needs in the next day. Therefore this study focused on assessing the family life and social life needs among nurses doing night shift in Nizwa Hospital in Sultanate of Oman. Aim: To assess the family life needs and social life needs among nurses doing the night shift. Methods: A descriptive quantitative survey design was used in this study. Data was collected through self-administration questionnaire. Using convenient sampling 100 staff nurses from all the departments were selected for the study. Collected data were analyzed using frequency and percentage. Results: The findings of the study indicate that the majority of the nurses are female (67%) are married (82%), most of them (54%) have 1 to 2 children. Over of family needs, 90 (90%) of the family sleep pattern is disturbed. While 88 (88%) of their family depends on nurses in most of their personal needs. Majority of the respondents 72 (72%) do not have a good relationship with a spouse. 88 (88%) of the subject doing night shift restrict them from attending any social functions in their village. And 47 (47%) of them they are not able to maintain social relationships with their friends or relatives. There are some factors affecting and influencing night duty. Effect on sleep pattern 62 (62%), drowsy driving 33 (33%), are affecting factors wherein the most factors influencing nurses during night shift are able to finish personal morning work 24 (24%), the night off days are good for relaxation and visit beauty centre 17 (17%). Conclusion: Nurses’ family life and social life needs affect by doing night duty but there are some factors which help in the persistence to do night shift and it motivates nurses to continue their service for the patients..

Keywords: Night shift, family life needs, social life needs, nurses.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss3/pid43572

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Volume3 ,February 2018.

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