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Volume3,April 2018,

Topic : An Analysis of Higher Education Sector in Mongolia: Business Perspective

Authors:OYUNTUGULDUR Gan-Unur || TUGULDUR Ganbold, ALTANSOLONGO Ganpurev, DULGUUN Batmunkh, BATGEREL Shinengerel

Abstract:In Mongolia, as in other countries, graduate education has become a global business in which domestic universities compete with institutions abroad. For working professionals who want to enter the business occupations or update their skills, there are increasingly many alternatives to traditional campus-based degree programs in the home country. Study abroad is a possibility for those willing to take a break from their careers. A record number of Mongolian citizens now travel overseas to enroll in MBA programs throughout the world. Online education is another choice. Every year, online options such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and web-based certificates and degrees are more varied and attractive. Given the competitive educational landscape, Mongolians who are dissatisfied with MBA programs at home may either choose an international institution or forego graduate study altogether. This poses a challenge for Mongolia’s universities. How can they retain and develop their hold on the home market? This survey investigates the factors that influence the enrollment choices of Mongolian MBA applicants. Using questionnaire output, we describe the advantages and disadvantages of Mongolian MBA programs from the perspective of applicants. Our analysis leads to observations concerning university rank and competition with educational markets in leading countries. This study concludes by addressing two questions. First, what should Mongolian universities do to make their MBA programs more attractive to Mongolian applicants? Second, what is missing from Mongolian MBA programs, in the eyes of would-be MBA students? At the same time, the research will focus on current MBA program challenges such as ethical and moral programs which impact societal values. Furthermore, it will raise the gender issue where it stands especially in the current MBA programs graduates. By addressing or telling challenges and issues will encourage Mongolia’s MBA program more efficient and successful and productive..

Keywords: Education, Mongolian higher education, Education core program

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss4/pid79125

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