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Volume3,February 2018,

Topic : Integrated Approach for Groundwater Potential of Jhod Macro-Watershed in Nanded District, Maharashtra, India

Authors:Bhagwan B. Ghute ||

Abstract:The study area belongs to the Deccan trap basalts of late Cretaceous to early Eocene period. The groundwater in the study area is restricted mostly to the zones of secondary porosity developed due to fractures, joints, and weathering. In the present study, an attempt has been made to evaluate the geomorphic stages of the Jhod macro-watershed. The present study also attempts to select suitable geomorphic surfaces and morphometric attributes for groundwater exploration in hard rock areas especially Deccan basalt. Morphometric characteristics play a vital role on the hydrologic performance of the drainage basin. Hence, a number of parameters, which signify the drainage basin characteristics, such as bifurcation ratio, length and area ratios, basin configurations, drainage density, stream frequency, and the length of overland flow, are evaluated for the present study. The groundwater potentiality is moderate to good (with average yield 240 to 280 lpm in bore wells), in most part of the watershed, whereas the fractured zones in the weathered pediplains and alluvial plains are very good potential zones (with average yield >240 lpm in bore wells). The pediment surfaces are having moderate to poor groundwater potentiality, i.e. average yield 78 lpm in dug wells and 145 lpm in bore wells. Highly dissected plateau have the poor groundwater potentiality with average yield of 65 lpm in dug wells and 94 lpm in bore wells.

Keywords: Pediplain, Bifurcation ratio, Macro-Watershed, Pediment.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss2/pid05729

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