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Volume3,May 2018,

Topic : Semi-Automated Puffed Rice Machine Using Agricultural Waste Burnt Low Smoke Stove

Authors:Anirudh Mallya U || Ashwith I Mendonca, Allan Loy D’souza, Jonathan Rodrigues, Manjunath Patel G.C, Prasanna Kumar

Abstract:Production of puffed rice is still more popular in rural areas at different parts of our country. Till date no mechanized industries developed yet for the production of puffed rice in large scale. Traditionally thousands of people are actively involved to fulfil the production demand. The currently practiced production method is proven inefficient, due to enormous stress experienced by human during production, seeks minimum three human operators who were subjected to work in hazardous environment (i.e. high heat and radiation, work with lot of smoke and dust) during the production process. This results in serious threat to human health and production cost. Thereby, attempts are made to design and fabricate a low cost semi-automated puffed rice machine. The agriculture waste (i.e. dried rice husk, arecanut shells and leaves) is used as energy source for the production of puffed rice. The new semi-automated portable puffed rice machine is capable to operate with single user, low smoke and cost.

Keywords: Puffed rice machine, Agriculture waste, and low smoke stove

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss5/pid29073

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