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Volume3,July 2018,

Topic : The Effect of Entrepreneurial Education As Factor of Production on Family Owned and Non-Family Owned Business: A Study of Restaurants in Hyderabad

Authors:Faiza Ali Shahani || Arabella Bhutto, Shahzad Hyder Shahani

Abstract:The rationale of this paper is to analyze the impact of entrepreneurial knowledge on the organic growth and performance of business managed by family owners and business that are being managed by professionals. Entrepreneurial knowledge can be described as the potential for an individual to identify an opportunity and practically implement it with an intention to realize knowledge that is innovative in practice. This research focuses on evaluating the effect of entrepreneurial education on the growth of the business. This research has distinguished between two types of the firms: family firms managed by family owners and firms managed by the professionals with the business degree. Restaurants were selected which are owned and managed by people with business or management or other business related degrees; diplomas etc. This was compared with the family business owners who do not have prior relevant knowledge or qualifications. The research also helps to analyze the status of business with respect to multiple factors that are identified from the literature review. In this research data is collected from owners of the restaurants, employees and the customers of the business through close-ended questionnaires and is analyzed in SPSS. Pearson’s chi-square tests and MANOVA tests are used to compare the land growth and employee growth of businesses owned by the family, with businesses that are not family owned. The findings reveal that non-family owned businesses are more productive as compared to the family-owned business. It also reveals that an entrepreneurial degree and knowledge plays a fundamental role in the organic growth of the business..

Keywords: Entrepreneurial knowledge, family owned, non-family owned, organic growth

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss7/pid75412

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