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Volume3,April 2018,

Topic : Growth and Characterization of Pure and L Histidine doped Glycine Sodium Nitrate Single Crystal

Authors:S.R. Balaji || ] T. Balu,T.R. Rajasekaran

Abstract:Single crystals of GSN and different molar concentration of L-Histidine doped GSN crystals; have been grown from aqueous solution by slow evaporation method. Solubility studies of grown crystals for different temperatures prove the positive temperature coefficient of solubility. The crystals were subjected to Powder X-ray diffraction, which identifies that all the grown crystals where belong to monoclinic system. Fourier transform infra-red spectra shows that the doped and pure GSN provides similar spectra, but there is shift observed for all the peaks suggesting that there is wide range of interactions for the grouping. UVVis-NIR absorption spectra helps us to identify that the lower cut-off wavelength is 217±1 nm for pure and L- Histidine doped GSN single crystals. Vickers microhardness measurements reveal that the hardness values of the crystal decreases due to the increase in the dopant ratio except at 4 mole% doping. Photoluminescence spectrum (PL) result shows that the crystals shows a strong and broad emission peak at around 528nm which illustrate that the crystals has an emission of green radiations..

Keywords: Single crystals; Doping; Solubility; PXRD; FTIR; UV-Vis-NIR; Photoluminescence

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DOI: 01.1617/vol5/iss4/pid09756

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