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Volume1,June 2016,

Topic : Study of Initial Growth of Plants in Treated Water

Authors:Garima Goswami || Chaitanya Sahadev,Dhananjay Rankawat,Yash Maheshwari, Ramesh Chandra Paliwal

Abstract:India is one of the few countries in the world which is endowed with abundant land and water resources. Due to its geographical situation and tropical conditions, India experiences vast spatial and temporary variation in the rainfall. About one third of the country’s area is drought prone, which includes parts of Rajasthan. Scarcity of water for irrigation in southern Rajasthan is a big challenge for the scientific community as well as policy makers. In the present scenario the irrigation water for crops comes from water bodies which has water from waste water treatment plants and many a times untreated water having solid waste including pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms. Recycled irrigation water if not treated properly for pathogens may result into serious problems for the growing plants in the nurseries or crops in the fields. It can induce many types of diseases and other problems causing permanent damage to the young plants. This water therefore should be disinfected before using it for irrigation purposes. Chlorine in some form is generally used as disinfectant for making water pathogen free. In this paper the effect of added chlorine on the growth of plants is studied. Potted plants were watered with chlorinated water having different concentrations and their growth pattern was studied. The effect was studied for different plant parameters..

Keywords: microorganisms, plants, irrigation, chlorinated water, disinfection

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DOI: 01.1617/vol1iss2pid0010001

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Volume1 ,June 2016.


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