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Volume1,December 2016,

Topic : Design of Photo Catalyst Induced Solar Photo Electrolysis Cell using Titanium Oxide as Catalyst and Zinc/Copper as Electrode

Authors:Diptanu Dey || Sanjib Das ,Bharath Kumar Boyanapalli,Solanki Das

Abstract:Because of lower efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells, alternative means to harvest electric power from sunlight need to be explored. The idea is to use a photo catalyst to split water molecules into protons and hydroxyl ions and effectively separating the charges to produce usable electric power. A nafion membrane is used to separate the photons from the electrolyte. A zinc mesh is used to collect the protons effectively while copper plate situated outside the zinc mesh collects remaining electrons in the electrolyte. The protons generated are used to create a potential difference across the Copper(+) and Zinc(-) electrodes. Fine carbon particles are suspended within the electrolyte. Being effective black body, the carbon particles absorb maximum sunlight and transmit it to the electrolyte, thus improving the light absorption. To maintain constant supply of electrolyte, i.e., water, in the cell, it is fed by a water source separated by a RO membrane. Such a concept can also be used to harness solar energy when installed in bay area that have high amounts of incident Solar Irradiance, thus facilitating mass scale production of Solar Power and act as a major contributor in the overall electricity generation. Such a bay of cells provides high efficiency with negligible maintenance and low installation cost. It also has a very low requirement of surface availability, thus improving the effectiveness of the device. This project will be highly applicable in the Asian countries, especially the coastal areas..

Keywords: PEM Membrane, Titanium Oxide

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DOI: 01.1617/vol1iss2pid0010063

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