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Volume2,February 2017,

Topic : Development Induced Displacement: Impact on Women of Odisha

Authors:Prithvi Mohanty ||

Abstract:The model of development underwent a metamorphosis and became a techno-managerial model with exclusive emphasis on growth. The concerns of justice have almost come to be abandoned with the inauguration of the new economic reform in the name of structural adjustments. ‘Industrial revolution caused innumerable dramatic changes in the whole range of social arrangements from the nature of the State to the processes and purpose of the governance. It was in the wake of these changes that the state acquired relative autonomy involving totally new forms of legitimization’ [Amaratya Sen, 1999; 44 ]. The shift in the role of the State from an interventionist to that of a regulatory mechanism or even when act as a profitable institution calls for deeper attention. Is evil outweighed by the larger ‘good’ arising from development projects? Why displacement? For whom? Who decides the public purpose, the propriety of displacement? Whether the evaluation of resources of the affected people, which includes their social, cultural and other aspects of life, could re-compensate them adequately? Since displacement is a traumatic experience for every one undergoing it, how does it affect women differently? What are the social constraints that prohibit women from taking appropriate advantage of any development projects? What are the root causes of these constraints? These are some of the vital questions to be answered in this research project and the status of women is also closely linked to this general debate, as all these aspects have radically altered the discourse regarding displacement and resettlement into an issue of development..


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DOI: 01.1617/vol2iss2pid0010070

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