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Volume2,February 2017,

Topic : Thermal Analysis of Ca-FeSi inoculated. Ductile Iron

Authors:Mr. Bahubali.B. Sangame || Mr. Vikram. B. Nalawade ,Mr. Suyog S. Patil,Mr. Swapnil S. Mali

Abstract:Ductile iron is an alloy of iron alloyed with carbon and silicon and manufactured by casting which offers good combination of strength and ductility. The presence of silicon in higher amount promotes the graphitization, inhibiting carbon to form carbides with carbide forming elements present. When Ce, Mg are added to the melt of iron with very low sulphur content, the carbon solidifies as spheroidal graphite. Due to this special microstructure containing graphite in nodular form, ductile iron possesses ductility & toughness superior to that of any cast iron & steel structure resulting in numerous successes in industrial application. The current work proposes thermal analysis system for analysis of ductile iron solidification processing. The system consists of standard pouring cup with built in thermocouple. The thermocouple is connected to data logger system so as to measure the time-temperature data of solidification sequence. The ductile iron treatment consists of composition control, melt pretreatment, magnesium treatment and inoculation processing. Even small change in processing can be monitored by thermal analysis and its effects on final microstructure and mechanical properties. The melting trials were conducted for varying amount of inoculant addition rate for “Ca-FeSi” inoculant, to study its effect on parameters of thermal analysis like eutectic undercooling temperature, recalescence, solidification pattern, final microstructure, and shrinkage tendency..

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DOI: 01.1617/vol2iss2pid0010074

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