Paper Title:Growth, Structural, Optical and Mechanical analysis of L-Proline Single Crystals


Nonlinear optics (NLO) is one of the most attractive fields of current research in view of the applications in the areas such as laser technology, optical communication and data storage technology. The NLO materials will be the key elements for future photonic technologies based on the fact that photons are capable of processing information with the speed of light. Proline is a very important amino acid because of its unique conformation which may affect the structure of proteins, in particular collagen. The present study concentrate on the growth of L-Proline crystal by slow evaporation solution growth technique and its characterization along with its optical properties is reported. The L-proline crystal was harvested after a period of 20 days. The crystal structure of L-proline (C5H9NO2) has been determined by X-ray diffraction methods. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic crystal system with space group P212121, with unit-cell dimensions of a=11.64, b=9.037, c=5.260. The functional groups present in the grown crystal were identified by FT-IR spectral analysis. The transparency range of the crystal was estimated from UV-VIS spectrum . The band gap was found to be 5.8 eV from UV-Visible spectrum. Mechanical property of the grown L-proline crystal was studied by Vickers microhardness tester and the load dependent hardness was measured.

Keywords:L-Proline; slow evaporation technique; XRD; FT-IR; UV-VIS spectrum;