Paper Title:A Synergic Approach in Creating IOT Based Smart Green India


The prosperity of a nation depends mostly on the well being existence of the eco-system. In encompassing a very good eco-system, urban green space plays a vital role. For the past two decades, in a developing country like India, urbanization is at a great pace. The main objective of the study is to bring the dream of our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, green mission of planting more trees in India, into reality with the implementation of IOT. The study on the implementation of IOT in making Smart Green India accentuates the use of soil moisture, temperature, and humidity sensors for robust and effective monitoring and watering of trees planted in parks, gardens and along the road sides of the urban cities with less manpower. All the environmental data are detected by the sensors, integrated and transmitted by using Arduino, Zigbee, WLAN or mobile 3G/4G system. The water pipes are automatically switched on or off based on the analysis of data obtained. This is the radical shift from traditional method to modern use of technology which mitigates the problems related to workforce shortages. Till date, these technologies have been used only by farmers for elevating agriculture. This study explores for the first time the usage of IOT for enhancing urban green space which is the need of the hour. This article deals with the implementation of IOT framework for agricultural applications, the significance of urban green space, the models of IOT based devices, proposed model and its performance and concludes with the potential for improvements in the future.

Keywords:Arduino, humidity sensor, soil moisture sensor, urban green space.