Paper Title:Organization and Administration of the YMCA


Transparent computing utilizes data and software—from the OS to applications to user data—that are stored on servers. Transparent Computing Security Architecture (TCSA), which builds user-controlled security for transparent computing by allowing the users to configure the desired security environments on demand. The intent of the TC program is to develop basic technologies that are separable and usable in isolation (e.g., within a given software layer/application environment, such as web middleware), while exploring the best way to integrate multiple TC technologies in an experimental prototype. The major characteristic of Transparent Computing involves two separations. They are the separation of software stack and hardware platform, and the separation of computing and storage. The system lets users demand heterogeneous OSes and applications upon them from centered simple servers, similar to choose different TV channels in daily life. As this computing paradigm is more widely used in the society, its security feature and advantages will become more and more attractive. Problems TC is trying to solve Terminal runs more quickly Storage efficiency Security, manageability and low-cost Device-oriented to user-oriented A way to SaaS - Software as a Service

Keywords:Organization, Administration, YMCA.