Paper Title:Titles and Different Names of Delhi Sultans and Mughal Emperors


Everyone in this world will have their own name and character. A name gives us an identity. We all know each other and identify each other with their name. Each and every one has their own name given by their parents or by the family members. A name means a lot; it helps us to distinguish between each other very easily. Every name has its own meaning. A person doesn’t have a single name which is given by their parents; they gain many nicknames, special names and titles. These are given in accordance to their character and achievements. These nicknames and titles go viral and spread faster than their original names. Usually a name is given to a person because of some reason, because of their deeds and because of their special qualities. If a person is void of a name, he loses his identity. Identity is very important for a person to live. Identity is given by the name that he has. This paper portrays some different names acquired by the kings and emperors by their character, activities and achievements.

Keywords:Name Identities, Delhi Sultans, Mughal Emperors