Paper Title:Rev. Mother Annammal – A study


Rev. Mother Annammal was born in 1836 at Varaganeri, Palakarai in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Her father is selvanayagam and her mother is Arulayaiammal. The family of Rev. Mother Annammal was fairly rich and belongs to a high vellala caste. Her father was a tradesman. The parents of Rev. Mother Annammal were devoted catholic and she was brought up in the faith. In the age of 17 she got married and her husband was a victim to the dreadful disease Cholera. He died after six month of marriage life with Annammal. Being a widow at the age of twenty she was inspired to become an instrument of God. Her mission was extended to the poor, welfare of the widows and the illiterate of Thrichirappali. The sacrificial life lead her to the glory. Mother Annamal who has been declared “servant of God “on 22 April 2017.

Keywords:Mother Annammal, high vellala caste, widow, mission work, servant of God.