Paper Title:A study on photo active bischalcone based liquid crystalline polyesters


A new series of polymer derived from bischalconediol with some diacids was synthesized by polycondensation reaction using 3, 3’- (1, 4-phenylene)bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)prop-2-en-1-one) with terephthalic acid, succinic acid and glutaric acid. The diacids are converted to their respective diacid chlorides, which are then used to esterify the phenolic moiety of the bischalcone diols. The polyesters obtained were characterized by using IR and the polymer-solvent dipolar interaction was studied by dissolving in various solvents. The UV spectral studies showed the existence of conjugated system due to the transition in the π→π* region. Further the decrease in the absorbance upon irradiation shows that the double bonds present in the molecule undergoes photocycloaddition reaction. The thermal behaviour of the polymer were studied using DSC thermograms. The anti bacterial activity was also studied and the polymers have shown good antibacterial activity.

Keywords:Liquid crystalline polymers, polyester synthesis, polycondensation.