Paper Title:Smart Parking Application using IOT


The paper describes the designing an advanced smart parking system using IOT technology. The devices can be turned ON/OFF using a mobile through server(Wi-Fi). Internet of Things (IOT) plays an important role in connecting the surrounding things in the environment to the network and made easy to access the things not connected to internet from any remote location. The main objective of the smart parking system is to reduce the traffic in the parking place. Usually people are facing lot of problems on parking vehicles in avaliable parking slots in a city. It’s very necessary for the people to improve with the growing technology. In this paper we discuss a Smart Parking System which helps the user to find the nearest parking area and gives availability of parking slots in that respective parking area. It mainly focus on reducing the time and in finding an empty parking lots .It also avoids the unnecessary travelling through filled parking lots in a parking area in search of empty slot. Thus it reduces the fuel consumption and in turn reduces carbon emission.

Keywords:Social Network, Hierarchical Classification.