Paper Title:Economic Trends in Kanyakumari District


The economy of every country is based on land and its people. The distribution of land as it exists in Kanyakumari District is chiefly the result of social customs, the laws of inheritance and the legislative enactments that were made from time to time. It was the feudal based economy that severely affected the economy of the common people. Kanyakumari District was preeminently an agricultural area. 47.2% of the population depending for their means of livelihood almost exclusively upon land, a feature peculiar to the west coast of Travancore. The district, once called as “the Granary of Travancore” and its fertile area with hundreds of water bodies and a canal irrigation system commanded a predominant status. However all avenues of activity had been pursued by people to derive their income.

Keywords:Kanyakumari District, Economic Trends, agricultural.