Paper Title:Kanyakumari Church Architecture


The church architecture of Kanyakumari springs from two sources, the first from the work of Apostle St. Thomas and the Syrian Christians and second from the missionary work of European settlers. It is possible that some of the temples were adapted as church for services by the population who got converted into Christianity by St. Thomas. Since the early Christians lived in isolation, far from the main centres of Christianity they were not aware of the church building conventions of the west; besides the community itself has a Hindu background and Hindu temples were their models for church building. Historical evidences suggest that the first wave of Christianity came from Syria in fourth century A.D. owing to the persecution of Christians in the Persian Empire. According to the inscription of the times of Stanu Ravi by 9th century, Christian communities enjoyed many rights and privileges. They also played a vital role in trade and commerce.

Keywords:Frequency, LOFAR, SKA, Radio Signal, Telescopes, Antennas.