Paper Title:A Survey on Prediction of Dengue Fever Using Data Mining Techniques


Dengue is one of the most life threatening disease in Tamil Nadu.This disease affects life of many people in the state.However government taken many precaution to control this disease.However It cannot be controlled fully by government.The main cause for this disease is female mosquitoes.It is typically found in widespread hot regions.The symptoms for this disease will vary from one person to another person.Dengue infection has endangered 2.5 billion and more population all over the world[3].The major symptoms for dengue are intermitten fever, headache,joint pain,bleeding,vomiting,etc.,The diagnosis of disease is a vital and intricate job in medicine.Human however intelligent they may be,they are not experts on their own.In this paper ,a survey is made on application of data mining techniques like Naive bayes,J48 classifier and clustering algorithm like Kmediods, Dbscan ,k-means etc.,accurately predicting dengue disease .It also reduces time for prediction of disease.and reduces time for prediction of disease.

Keywords:Prediction,Naïve bayes,J48(Decision tree),K-means,K-mediods,Dbscan.