Paper Title:Studies on Natrum Muriaticum in Inducing Spawing, Growth and Biochemical Analysis in the Ornamental Fish Poecilia Sphenops (White molly)


Poecilia sphenops were sampled to ascertain the effect of Natrum muriaticum of 30c potency by two different diets of commercial feed and chicken liver feed. Recent studies reveal that a homeopathic hormone Natrum muriaticum is found to be effective in inducing spawning and growth of the fishes. In the present study, Homeopathic medicine Natrum muriaticum used to induce spawning and growth by two different diets in the ornamental fish Poecilia sphenops. The fishes were introduced into water containing Natrum muriaticum 30 centesimal potency of dilution 0.025%. A control was also maintained simultaneously. The time taken for spawning in control and experiment groups was compared. From the result, it is inferred that the homeopathic medicine Natrum muriaticum has advanced spawning in experimental group of fishes. There was a considerable change in weight gain, and ammonia excretion in experimental fishes. We conclude that quality of the water should be maintained for the successful spawning and proper growth of the fishes. The amount of protein, lipid and carbohydrate was determined in the muscle and liver of the fishes. There was a significant difference in the protein, lipid and carbohydrate at 0.025% dilution. There was a significant changes in spawning, growth of Poecilia sphenops when it was treated with chicken liver feed.

Keywords:Induced spawning, Poecilia sphenops, Natrum muriaticum, 30 Centesimal Potency, Fecundity Rate, Biochemical analysis