Paper Title:Big Data Analytical tools for Agriculture


The traditional methods used by the farmers in India, are very slow, undependable and large amount of crops are damaged in fields due to bacterial attacks and lack of information resources. Annually, such loss exceeds 40% in total. The main goal is to provide better solution for the finding problems and to enhance the productivity of the agriculture sector. The main awareness of this work is focused on Indian farmers as it addresses the key problems of getting the market status of different products, weather alerts and also provides multiple language support. This will effectively help farmers to sell their products in global market and earn remarkable profit. There is scope to maintain the information of all these and analyse properly and communicate with farmers. This kind of analysis can be done with latest technologies such as big data analytical tools. A real monitor system needed to communicate with farmers, time to time with support of mobile based application.

Keywords:Big Data, Agriculture, Data Management, Data Model, Data Accuracy.