Paper Title:Early History of Travancore


The accounts left behind by the foreign travelers in India and the Tamil Sangam works throw much light on the ancient history of Travancore. The Phoenicians who were sometime the masters of the Mediterranean were attracted by the sandal-wood and spices available in this area and its surroundings. Therefore, they extensively travelled in Travancore and they were the first among the foreigners to make mention about Travancore. It is mentioned in the accounts of Eratosthereas who visited India in about 276 B.C. An anonymous author in his book named ‘Periplus of Erythrean Sea’ refers to Travancore. Ptolemy was the next European visitor who had referred to this region in his book ‘Geography’, which was compiled in 140 A.D. According to him the kingdom of Ays flourished to the south of Chera kingdom and it extended upto Kanniyakumari.

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