The Blue eyes technology is to develop a computational machine having sensory and perceptual ability like those of humans. The Blue Eyes technology system is a combination of a set of hardware and software systems. The hardware consists of a Central System Unit (CSU) and Data Acquisition Unit (DAU). Blue Eyes technology uses most modern cameras, microphones and advanced non-obtrusive sensing techniques to interact with humans and understand the emotions of human beings. The software helps to transfer the data or information from managers to the data analyzers. Animal survival depends on highly developed sensory abilities. Likewise, human recognition depends on highly developed abilities to perceive, integrate, and interpret visual, auditory, and touch information. The BLUE EYES system checks above parameters against abnormal (e.g. a low level of blood oxygenation or a high pulse rate) or undesirable (e.g. a longer period of lowered visual attention) values and triggers user-defined alarms when necessary. The "BLUE EYES" technology aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory ability like those of human beings. The mobile device is integrated with Bluetooth module providing wireless interface between sensors worn by the operator and the central unit. ID cards assigned to each of the operators and adequate user profiles on the central unit side provide necessary data personalization so different people can use a single mobile device.

Keywords:BLUE EYES system, data acquisition unit, data personalization