Paper Title:An Analytical approach on Data Mining in Agri- Clinics-A Survey


“Most things except Agriculture can wait” is the statement by Jawaharlal Nehru. To utilize the agriculture in a better way this paper handshakes with the Information technology and establish Agri Clinics which are envisaged to provide expert advice and services to farmers on various aspects like cropping practices, plant protection, crop insurance, post-harvest technology, clinical services for animals, feed and fodder management and crop prices to enhance productivity of crops and increase the incomes of farmers. The goal of this survey provides a review of different types of data mining approaches and problems being addressed in agriculture related fields .The agriculture related data are recorded but they are not digitized so they are integrated in standardized format which deals with big data that bridge the knowledge of the data to the yield estimation and gives an analytical approach to support decision making system and recommendations for farmers in agriculture related fields.

Keywords:Data mining, Classification, support-vector machines, Regression, Agriculture, Bigdata.