Paper Title:Survey on Data Stream Management and Stream Security Models


The advancement in telecommunication and electronics results in enormous amount of data. The data or information collected from applications like traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, social networks (Facebook, twitter, etc...),web based retail applications (Amazon, Flipkart, etc..) are continuous data streams which cannot be handled by traditional data management systems. Data Stream Managers (DSM) are used to handle the data’s with high volume and velocity ,also known as Big Data .DSM helps to analyze the data streams to obtain useful insight from it. Streaming datas are continuous in nature and it has to processed consecutively ensure the freshness of the data. The data transmitted via a network also consists of some sensitive information like patients health records, banking transactions,etc.. Since, the analytics are used for decision making the data’s transmitted has to be preserved from internal and external malicious attacks .In this paper, various data stream management and stream security models are discussed along with the symmetric cipher algorithms to implement the security models.

Keywords:Data stream, data confidentiality, Data Encryption, Symmetric Encryption