Paper Title:Survey of Industry Air Pollution Monitoring System Using WSN


The paper presents Wireless sensor network system used monitor and control the air quality in Industry. Pollution has been exaggerated by developments that typically occur as countries become industrialized: growing cities, increasing traffic, rapid economic development and industrialization, and higher levels of energy consumption. Air pollution has majoreffect on the awareness of citizens in the air leading to effects like global warming and acid rains. To avoid such contrarydifferences in the real life, an air pollution monitoring system is utmost essential.Wireless Sensor Network is a fast growing technology using in various areasof reallife, such as fundamental and ecological monitoring, Health care, medicine, military surveillance etc.WSN is excellent technologies that can sense, measure, and gather information from Industry transmit the sensed data to the user control station. These sensor devicespermit the physical atmosphere to be measured at high determinations, and greatly increase the quality and quantity of real life data and information for applications like pollution monitoring. In this paper, a survey on Industry air pollution monitoring systems using wireless sensor networks.

Keywords:Industry air pollution monitoring system, Wireless sensor networks.