Paper Title:The Moral Role of Indian Art


The more significant of the art work the more universal and impersonal is its appeal. Artistic genius consists in the expression of Universals from concrete relations and situations. For man is so constituted that his performed satisfaction can come only from a conscious or unconscious identification of himself with other than self. A lyrical poet, a musician, a painter or a sculptor may so express the individual passion and sentiments of love, grief, and exaltation that there become abstract typical and Universal as embodied in all actual or possible relations, and situations. The Nayikar of the medieval temple of Central India, Bengal and Orissa do not suggest gross sex but the spot and delight of the primordial energy that underlines the causations of the universe and of every manifestations or appearance such images of female beauty have in fact contributed towards the sublimation and elevation of sex to a supersensible plane, following up the entire medieval Indian religious thought that found the sex motif as the symbol of the cosmic energy explaining the conception and creates of the universe.

Keywords:Indian Art, express individual passion and sentiments, medieval temple, female beauty.