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Design of Bell 429 Helicopter for Range Performance

Author : Mansha Kumari B. Patel, Rana Dhruven, Trivedi Tanishk, Jay Tandel, Chintan Gohil

Date of Publication :17th January 2024

Abstract: This paper is all about improving the range performance of Bell 429 Helicopters, which is really important for mission versatility and efficiency. We're looking for ways to make the Bell 429 more versatile and multi-role, so it can meet the needs of different missions. We'll be using a multi-disciplinary approach with materials science and structural analysis. We'll be looking at how to reduce weight without sacrificing safety or structural integrity, and how to use advanced materials to balance strength, weight and durability. We'll also be looking at how design changes affect the helicopter's fuel consumption, endurance and range. The goal is to get the Bell 429 to have a much better range performance. The results of this research will help shape the design of rotorcraft, giving manufacturers, operators and aviation stake holder’s better capabilities in their planes.

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