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The Evaluation of Impact of the Transformational Leadership towards Construction Project Performance

Author : Peter He Zhenbang, Yosef Dedy

Date of Publication :20th March 2024

Abstract:Due to the vital importance of the Construction Project Performance, it is incumbent upto more and more the researcher's attention in the form of substantial articles, especially in the developing countries. Construction Project Performance in the context of building or any other sectors like infrastructure refers to how well a project is meeting its objectives, staying within scope, schedule, and budget, and delivering the favor outcomes. Effective construction project performance is crucial for achieving success and ensuring that the project contributes positively to the organizational growth strategy. To articulate the relationship between organizational growth strategy and Construction Project Performance, the author introduce another 4 variables, for instance, Transformational Leadership, Organizational Virtuousness, Risk Management to develop the research model in the Republic of Indonesia. The novelty of this research model is that after the holistic and systematic literature review, the findings will be injected with the author’s implication from his more than 10 years of the construction project management experience, which can contribute to the Resource Based Theory (RBT) in the realm of the organizational growth strategy and Construction Project Performance. Despite the findings and conclusions stemmed from the context of the construction project permanence, the results are valid and interesting which can as a reference for the context of the infrastructure project performance in another developing countries.

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