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Gender and Career; Exploring Transitions for Women from Higher Education to Employment in Egypt

Author : Muhammad Qasim Rana, Shadia Fahim, Mohammed Saad, Angela Lee

Date of Publication :20th March 2024

Abstract:Egypt's workforce mostly comprises women, even though there are more female students than male students at higher education institutions, and they usually perform better than males. This exploratory study is part of a funded project investigating female students' barriers to transitioning from higher education to employment in Egypt. Several barriers were identified and categorized into family, workplace, and cultural barriers. The study is comprehensive yet limited in scope, as different regions in the country have varying dynamics and socioeconomic conditions. Hence, women face various barriers and drivers. More exploration is needed to obtain a holistic view of the country and devise a more comprehensive framework to address these issues and make the transition easier for all genders in Egypt.

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