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The Impact of Hyperloop Technology on Enhancing Logistics Services and Their Sustainability in Saudi Arabia

Author : Mohammed Waleed Koshak, Marwa Al-Zain, Waleed Derbas

Date of Publication :20th March 2024

Abstract:The logistics industry grapples with challenges in meeting the growing demands for efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective goods transportation. Hyperloop technology, utilizing low-pressure tubes for high-speed transport, emerges as a potential solution. Employing a mixed-methods approach, this study combines quantitative analysis and qualitative interviews to assess the impact of Hyperloop on enhancing logistics services. The comprehensive literature review identifies key benefits and challenges of Hyperloop implementation. Quantitative analysis evaluates potential improvements in transportation efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental sustainability, comparing key indicators to existing modes. Qualitative interviews with logistics stakeholders provide insights into perceptions and expectations, addressing factors like infrastructure and adoption barriers. Preliminary findings suggest Hyperloop's potential to significantly enhance logistics services by reducing transit times and promoting environmental sustainability. However, challenges such as infrastructure and regulations require attention. This study offers empirical evidence for logistics stakeholders, policymakers, and researchers to make informed decisions about adopting Hyperloop in logistics. In the Saudi Arabian context, the study assesses Hyperloop's feasibility for enhancing logistics in food production. Saudi Arabia's strategic location positions it as a potential global logistics center. The Vision 2030 initiative aligns with the exploration of innovative technologies like Hyperloop for efficient transportation. Saudi Arabia considers Hyperloop as a group transportation solution for various Gulf region destinations, aligning with the broader vision of fostering technological advancements for economic growth and sustainability. The paper explores technical and environmental feasibility, emphasizing energy efficiency and sustainable transportation.

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