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Medical Smart Insoles Enable Patient Monitoring and Controlled Weight Bearing After Orthopedic Surgeries

Author : Betül Tatar, Teoman Karadağ, Ahmet Harma

Date of Publication :20th March 2024

Abstract:With the concept of the Internet of Things, communication between devices becomes fast and secure. In addition, new applications are made in the field of health with this technology that has developed in different fields. With the term internet of medical objects, it includes technologies such as smart watches and heart rate monitors, which are produced to facilitate the lives of patients. In this study, an application that aims to both monitor the health of patients with gait disturbance and accelerate the recovery process was studied. Compared to similar studies, this technological development, called smart insoles, preserves the patient's past records, accelerates the rehabilitation process and monitors data with a computer interface. With the PCB (printed circuit board) design and the insoles, the pressure value that the patient will apply to the ground is controlled according to the values defined by the doctor. Thus, in case the patient exceeds the defined value, that is, in case of overload, the patient's health is protected with an audible and vibrating warning from the medical smart insoles provide controlled loading. This research is supported by Inonu University the Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Unit (Project ID:2732, Project Code: TCD-2021-2732).

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