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Operational Intelligence System in Thermal Power Plant

Author : K. Sireesha, J. Katyayani

Date of Publication :20th March 2024

Abstract:The integration of Operational Intelligence systems in the context of thermal power generation signifies a transformative leap towards efficient, safe, and sustainable energy production. The synergy of components, including sensors, data analytics tools, communication networks, and visualization interfaces, empowers these systems to monitor, analyze, and optimize plant operations in real-time. The applications of OI extend beyond mere efficiency improvements, encompassing proactive maintenance, safety enhancement, and economic viability. As the energy sector continues to evolve, Operational Intelligence stands as a cornerstone technology, shaping the future of thermal power generation towards increased reliability, sustainability, and overall effectiveness. OI contributes to the optimization of thermal power plant performance by fine-tuning combustion processes, minimizing wastage, and improving overall energy conversion efficiency. The dynamic, real-time nature of OI allows for adaptive decision-making, ensuring that the plant operates at its peak potential under varying conditions. By addressing inefficiencies and optimizing key processes, OI systems not only enhance the economic viability of thermal power plants but also contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing fuel consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

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