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Smartphone and Cognition in Children: Systematic Research Review

Author : Harpreet Kaur, Garima, Ankit Dangi

Date of Publication :20th March 2024

Abstract:Smartphones and other mobile technologies are acknowledged as versatile and potent tools that, when used wisely, can improve human cognition, there is also a growing concern that routine use of these devices may have a detrimental and long-lasting effect on children's cognitive ability. The scientific literature is not yet mature enough to support any clear findings in the areas of potential cognitive repercussions of smartphone-related behaviors and cognitive performance, which is the focus of the current review, which is intensifying but still restricted. Our study focuses largely on cognition that is implicated in the public conversation on the effects of smartphone use, and we then take into account data about the wider connections between smartphone usage patterns and regular cognitive performance. After collecting data from various databases 16 studies found to be eligible.

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