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International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering(IJERECE)

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International Journal of Science Engineering and Management (IJSEM)

Monthly Journal for Science Engineering and Management
Call For Paper : Vol. 9, Issue 6 2022

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Recent Article

● A Proficient DLAU Design for FPGA Implementation
● Performance Analysis of Fault Identification and Recovery in MANET
● Optimization of Clock Power in Full Chip Clock Distribution
● Implementation of Convolution Neural Network in Processing of Satellite Video
● Wirelength And Routability For Fixed Outline Networks
● Power and Area Efficient Approximate Multipliers for Image Processing Application
● Timing Optimization In Engineering Change Order Stage For Functional Unit Blocks In Soc Design
● Performance Analysis of Sparsifying Transform for the Reconstruction of MRI
● Decision Support System For Finding Fetal Heart Images Using Image Processing
● Implementation of Area and Memory Efficient Combined ByteSub and InvByteSub Transformation for AES Algorithm
● Library Characterization of D Flip-Flop
● Comparative Study On Radio Frequency Power Harvesting Technique
● Auto-Smart Fertilizer
● Integration With Moisture Meter For Monitoring Stored Food Grains
● Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for Pedestrian Crossing Detection
● Design and Implementation of Underwater Autonomous Vehicle (Uav- Varauna)
● ATM Security using Fingerprint Authentication and OTP
● Automatic Gas Cylinder Management
● IOT based Fault Diagnostic Device for Photovoltaic Panels
● Smart Garbage Detection System Using Iot Through Mobile App
● Smart Shopping Cart For Automatic Billing In Supermarket
● Visual Impairment Aid Using Obstacle And Scenery Detection With Different Modes of Feedback
● Developing an Inscript Keyboard with Autocorrection and Text Prediction For Visually Impared
● ADQ Solar Tracking System (RTC/FCT) in ARM7 with Isis