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A Study on the Possible Effects of Making Basic Laws as a Mandatory Subject from High School Students in both Publicand Private Schools

Author : Sneha Kunjumon 1 Anandalekshmy C S 2 Deekshith Hari 3 Akshay Sabarinath 4 Mohammed Nabeel T 5 Mrs.Ambili. R. 6

Date of Publication :15th August 2020

Abstract: The research study aims on the possible effects of making basic laws as a mandatory subject from High School students in both Public andPrivate schools. Laws are the rules which make every citizen equal in the country. Introducing basic law as a mandatory subject from high school in both public and private schools will help the students in developing morals, ethics, good behavior and insights which will help them to be good citizens in the future. The research paper exactly points out the major aspects about why people are not aware about the Indian laws and recommend suggestions, to reverse this current trend. The study was conducted among High school students from both Public and Private schools to collect data required for the study. The research method used here is Survey method through online questionnaire. It was found that majority of the students are not aware about the common laws prevailing in the nation. It can be conducted from the study that laws are important because it protects the common welfare and make sure that the rights help the citizens in case of maltreat by strangers or by some Institutions, organizations or by the government itself. The study suggests that basic law should be made mandatory subject in schools.

Reference :

    1. Lessons in Law text published by Kerala State Legal Service Authority (KELSA)
    3.  Law of Torts including compensation under the Motor Vehicle Act and the Consumer Protection Act
    4. Lexi Nexis Labor Laws
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