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Comprehensive Analysis of Oil Extraction from Various Seed - a Near Fuel

Author : G. Mahesh 1 N. Baskar 2 J. Vignesh 3 T. Seenivasan 4

Date of Publication :16th January 2020

Abstract: The present world population is very difficult to maintain the consuming energy. It is very serious problem to face for coming years. It is mandatory and major responsibility to care about energy generation from various biomass wastes. The renewable energy is the very big source to get bio fuel from various seed. Among the bio-fuel sources, the coconut shell, citrullus seed, gulmohar seed have an enormous amount of oil is available. There are 32% of area is covered by gulmohar trees and 21% of area is covered by citrullus seed. The south zone of India have major area of coconut tree from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This investigation is collected those seeds, and crushed in the form of powder. The traditional method of Transesterification process is used and for this investigation. The bio fuels are extracted from these oils and analyzed with combination diesel with periodic blending percentages. The comparison test for Emission and CO2 have been conducted from the following bio fuels. The result were discussed and concluded the various blending combination of bio fuels.

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