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Experimental Investigations of Corn Husk Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite

Author : G. Mahesh 1 M.Ganesan 2 R.Brundashree C.Prethepan 3 M. Vignesh 4

Date of Publication :21st January 2020

Abstract: This work’s objective is to utilise the dissipated corn husk from agricultural background, reinforce it in polymer matrix and study its tensile characters. The intention of this work is to reduce the problems produced by the agricultural residues rewardingly. The composite is prepared by drying the corn husk under the sunlight and treat it chemically to make it compatible with the polymer matrix. They are then chopped to reinforce it into the polymer matrix using hand layup process. The polymer composites are prepared according to ASTM standards. The prepared composites are cured and tested, based on the conclusion the favourable outcomes are chosen for optimum results.

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