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Smart Robotic Arm Based Waste Segregation System

Author : Dr. Sumaiya MN 1 Dr. Kavitha GR 2

Date of Publication :15th January 2020

Abstract: Waste segregation is a simple method of reducing the amount of waste dumped into our landfills. Large amount of recycle waste in different category are not segregated properly. A solution to this is Automated Waste Sorter and robot waste deliver system are intended to automate the sorting process of wet, dry and metallic waste. In this system at first the IR sensor is used to detect the waste in front of the smart bin. Along with this we integrate a robot system to deliver the process of collecting the waste that is to be sorted by the AWS, to minimize the human interference. The robot arm system is composed of dc motors and gear drivers that is able to mechanically pick up the waste and put it at platform which consists of sensors like moisture sensor to detect dry and wet wastes, also proximity sensor to detect metallic waste and based on coding rotate the slotted bin to dump the waste based on colour coding and colours assigned for different types of wastes. Also ultrasonic sensor placed at lid of bin detects the level of waste inside bin and sends notifications to empty it once it is full via GSM module. Experimental results show that the segregation of waste into metallic, wet and dry waste has been successfully implemented using the Automated waste segregation system.

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