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Nietzsche’s Perspective on “Truth” and its positive aspect

Author : DR Mayuri Barman 1 2

Date of Publication :30th September 2020

Abstract: Friedrich Nietzsche, the philosopher and psychologist, represents a major historical event whose ideas have had repercussions in recent history. He has been assigned a great place in the grand tradition of western thought and his fame has spread like wild fire. He sought to counter the positivistic challenges from across the channel by developing a new picture of human dignity. His mission is to sweep away the shibboleths behind which western man had been sheltering. Nietzsche puts forth his philosophy, which is “Truth”--- the reality behind all things. He gave the name “Truth” to “Will to Power”.“Truth”, Nietzsche adds, “is thus not something which is there in existence and which has to be found out---- but something to be created, will to overcome, which in itself has no end.”The central idea in Nietzsche’s philosophy is expresses by his phrase “The Will to Power.” Thus, “Will to Truth” is a mask worn by the “Will to Power”. It is the motive force behind all life---- “Only where there is life is there will, not will to life but will to power.”

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