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Effect of Mahua & Dudhia on Serum Cholesterol level of Mus domesticus domesticus

Author : Dr. Kumari Ritu 1 2

Date of Publication :30th September 2020

Abstract: Cholesterol metabolism is primarily a function of the liver. Rise in the level of serum cholesterol might indicate the enhanced production of cholesterol in the liver or inhibits its secretion to the bile ducts. In the present investigation, we would look into the effect of Mahua and Dudhia on serum cholesterol level of mice. It was found that that both alcohols caused gradual and significant elevation in the value of serum cholesterol at each of the succeeding days of treatment upto ten days but fifteen days treatment caused a significant decrease in this value.

Reference :

    1.  Arti, K (1997): Effect of alcoholism on serum cholesterol level of Rattus norvegicus. Young Scientists Award Programme, 84th Indian Congress, Delhi, Advance Abstracts p. 76-77.
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